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About Jilsarah

I dance for tranformation of my being and for world around me. I work with individuals seeking to move energies in their bodies and in their lives. Dance and Spirit Work Training: In 1991, I joined Dance New England ( I am a trained Transformative Mediator and work with people in conflict to help move us from feelings of fear and confusion to a place of empowerment and recognition.


when I follow my intuition I am nurturing myself in the most significant way. More often than not to follow my intuition is an extreme act of courage.

sometimes I work to Change a situation that feels difficult. I realize now that change is happening all the time whether I am working it or not. When I know I am held by things far greater than me, I can trust that greater change will support me with .


Armies of Dancers

I am thinking about armies.
Armies of dancers.
Squadrons, platoons, units, companies of dancers.

And whenever fighting breaks out, they move.
By sea, by air, overland-they get there fast.
And they dance onto the battlefields & into the bunkers & at headquarters,
and the amazing thing is that the movement is so honest & compelling
that the soldiers with guns begin to sing, making music for the dance.
Thousands of dancers
surrounded by thousands of singers with guns,
shooting bullets high into the air making rhythm for the dance.
And the motion & the sound tell a story of how to plant the weapons & grow food.
How bullets become wildflowers, & rifles grow corn or potatoes or rice.
Fields of landmines become forests.
And stealth bombers turn into oases with cool water & birdsong & shade.

I want to see this happen.
I think I am going to need a lot of help.

—- author unknown