when I follow my intuition I am nurturing myself in the most significant way. More often than not to follow my intuition is an extreme act of courage.

sometimes I work to Change a situation that feels difficult. I realize now that change is happening all the time whether I am working it or not. When I know I am held by things far greater than me, I can trust that greater change will support me with .


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  1. For most of my life, I have sought approval from my father. In relationship, there is a tranference to my partner. When my partner gives me advice or comments on my actions in a way that I don’t see as positive, I react (albeit internally). It’s important for me to remember that the only persons approval that I need is mine. 😉

  2. I may hold other responsible for holding me back but …. it is ME who holds myself back … I am the dancer in my dance of life and when I’m not moving I am the cause for not moving.

  3. intuition and responsibility. . .like life and living it. . .I can be in life and not live it, that’s irresponsible. . .

    I can have intuition and not follow it, that’s irresponsible. . .

    I can.

    Wonderful site this, I thank you

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